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Hatch Chart for Clark Fork River, MT

Insect Size Body/Wing Color Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Midge 16-20 Black, olive and cream bodied
Mahogany Dun 14-16 Dark brown, olive brown
Grasshoppers 2-8 Tan, yellow, olive bodied
Golden Stone Fly 4-8 Mottled dark brown to tan
Green Drake 10-16 Bright green and olive brown markings, color changes
Little Western Green Drake 10-16 Olive brown
Baetis 16-20 Blue winged olive
Caddis 14-18 Olive, brown, yellow, black
Salmonfly 4-8 Black/orange with gray wings
Gray Drake 14-16 Gray, dark gray with clear wing
Trico 18-22 Dark brown with white wing
Skwala 6-8 Drab brown/olive, yellow markings, dark wing