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wading boots


Wading boots are an essential piece of equipment if you plan to fish in rivers and streams because without the boots, you are likely to end up IN the stream. These boots are designed to provide traction on slippery river rocks and stream beds. Most wading boots have felt bottoms and are the best choice for all around use. However, in very fast moving water you might want to add cleats or talons to the bottom of standard wading boots.



Wader technology has come a long way since the days of rubber waders. Since most novice fly fishermen will fish only when the weather is warm, it is essential to get a wader that is breathable. Look for one that is lightweight and made of Gore-tex or a similar fabric. However, if you plan on fishing mountain streams, which can be cool even during the summer, you might also consider a neoprene wader which will insulate from the cold, but keep in mind that these waders do not breathe.