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Trout fishing
fly rod & reel


Technology has struck the fly rod market and can cause confusion for novice anglers as much as it can for seasoned veterans. If you are just learning to fly fish, Start with a medium action, mid-weight fly rod. Mid weight (4-6 weight) fly rods are versatile and forgiving for the novice fisherman. The weight of the fly rod reflects the weight of the fly line.

Fly Rod Weight=Fly Line Weight


fly line

Fly line weight should match fly rod weight and reel size. Since fish can see a fly line of any color, the fisherman should choose a color that he/she can easily see. The density of the fly line affects whether it sinks or floats; a floating fly line is by far the most popular for trout fishing. Fly lines are either double taper (DT) or weight forward (WF). WF lines are supposed to be better for longer casts and DT lines better for use in smaller streams.