Hatch Chart for Southeast Minnesota Trout Streams

Insect Size Body/Wing Color Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Medium Evening Sedge 12-16 Brown w/dark wing gray
Blue-Winged Olive 16-22 Grayish olive to dark olive
Dark Hendrickson 12-14 Reddish brown to tan
Summer Flier Sedge 8-10 Ginger with ginger wing
Early Brown Stonefly 10-12 Brown w/brown wing
Giant Black Stonefly 2-6 Dark graw w/black wing
Little Sister Sedge 14-16 Green w/molted brown wing
Little Black Sedge 16-18 Black w/black or dark brown wing
American Grannom 12-14 Green w/tan wing
Speckled Peter 16-20 Pale yellow body w/tan & dark brown speckles
Light Hendrickson 14-16 Tan with olive and yellow cast
Little Tan Short Horn Sedge 14-18 Greenish brown w/tan to medium brown wing
Spotted Sedge 12-14 Brownish yellow w/molted brown wing
Iron Blue Quill 16-20 Dark gray w/maroon cast
Sulfur 16-18 Orange to cream
March Brown 10-12 Molted tan and brown
Light Cahill 12-16 Cream to tan
Craneflies 10-14 Assorted, usually tan to olive
Gray Checkered Sedge 6-10 Brown w/mottled gray wing
Summer Flier Sedge 8-10 Ginger w/ginger wing
Little Red Twilight Sedge 16-20 Yellow w/reddish brown wing
Yellow Sally Stonefly 12-14 Dirty Yellow
Little Sister Sedge 14-16 Green w/molted brown wing
Long-horn Sedge 12-16 Yellow to brown w/yellow to brown wing
Dinky Purple-breasted Sedge 18-22 Yellow with purplish tinge andlight to dark brown wing
Giant Rusty Sedge 4-8 Yellowish brown w/light reddish brown wing
Little Plain Brown Sedge 14-16 Brown with brown wing
White Miller 10-12 White to pale green w/white to pale gray wing
Little Blue Winged Olive 20-22 Pale Yellow Olive
White-winged Blacks 20-24 Charcoal
Brown Checkered Summer Sedge 16-20 Yellowish brown w/checkered brown wing
Yellow Drake 10-12 Creamy Yellow
Beetles and Ants 8-24 Black and brown
Grasshoppers 6-16 Yellow and green bodied
Crickets 10-16 Black
Blue-winged Olive 16-22 Grayish olive to dark olive
Autumn Mottled Sedge 12-14 Brownish yellow with mottled brown wing
Midges 16-28 Black, olive, and cream bodied

Chart developed using information from Wayne Bartz,The Bartz Chartz.